• What I do

    I can help you with

    Magic Meditations

    For business & personal

    To find inner peace, guidance for yourself and others. I provide one hour sessions, online and offline. Some audio examples in English will follow soon.

    Personal coaching & training

    For business & personal

    Yoga, mind and bodywork. For you because you are worth it!

  • Sunday June 30th - Sisterhood retreat - In English & Dutch

    Theme = I shine

    A relaxed afternoon

    A safe atmosfeer, with good food and healthy drinks, inspiring and interesting women, who are willing, like you are, to investigate and develop themselves.

    Investigate the self

    An afternoon for you, to do your own research and development, to discover your female inner wisdom and share with others.







    Time table

    Welcome 13.30 uur

    Finish 17.30 uur


    40,- per person

    For you who come together: 75,-


    Groenekan (close to Utrecht)

  • For you, because you are worth it

    Personal coaching and training



    There is something in your live that doesn't feel quite right, but you do not know exactly what it is about?


    You want some help to find the knowledge within you?




    I do like to help you with love and attention. So you can look with wondering eyes towards your life, find answers within yourself and live with passion.


    Personal dialogue €90,- incl. tax.

    Sneek peak


    Contact me at +316-28568271 to check out whether I can help you.

  • About me and my work

    My mission

    To unleash your full potential

    I work with my core values love, authenticity, sustainability and wonder. I offer you meditations, inspiration, yoga, training and sisterhood retreats to unleash your full potential

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